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    July 29, 2009


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    Yasmine B

    This is good. It will also allow new users to quickly identify what is Twitter and what they should tweet about. This is not necessarily obvious when you first sign up.


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    The North Face

    So fun article is! I agree the idea!

    I remember the themes of new student week at my university: diversity and tolerance. I soon discovered there was no diversity of thought and precious little tolerance for thoughtcrime.


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    haha! ang kyut kyut nga nyan. pero ayoko kasi yung stereotypical bulldog na kadiri yung laway


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    I am cleaning out my e-mails and I had to look at your piteurcs one last time,love,love them. All your neat ideas are fabulous and must have made all your guests feel right at home. I didn't notice the first few times this section to comment so that is why it took me so long so say something. Your are a beautiful bride Lauren .inside and out. Congratulations to you both. Sandy

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