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    Morgan McLintic on PR

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    January 25, 2006


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    Dennis Howlett

    Dang - now I'll have to go u'undercover' when I'm on my next plane!

    Morgan McLintic

    Yeah - but Witters will be asleep, so you're safe sitting next to him ;-)

    Philippe Borremans

    Ever tried lunch in one of the restaurants on the Place De Luxembourg in Brussels...? PR secrets, PA secrets and loads of EU Parliament inside info...

    Welcome to the PR Blogging world Andres. All the best.


    Now that you mention it - I was sitting there myself and remember talking to a PA company. If I only knew then what I know now, I a) would have been more careful and b) would have listened around more. Thanks!


    naana ene saihan anmitig odoo kk denduu tugs yumaa ter hamar nud sormuus humsug uruul us harts geed l buh zuil n taalagddinshdeelove jb harin tiimee ene saihan amitan chin uuruul durluulaad baidag baihku yu de kkkkk suuleesee 2,3 rzurgan deer umussun tsamtsyuud n yasan ch goy yumb de

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