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    January 12, 2010


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    I believe Julie is very deserving of winning the Feel Good Friday award, since she is such a fabulous person to work with at London Life. I know she makes my job easier with her helpful ways.


    with purpose.Lissa goes out of her way to recognize me, our board and her staff and she too deserves to be showered with gifts and what is better than chocolates and flowers.


    Lissa also hosts a social for all the board members and their significant others every summer and she donates her home and covers the costs to be sure we are building a strong board.


    i think sabay don't understand about cmmoent, why why delete some cmmoent for who say not good or good? the first im say stupid u23, delete stupid , and see only u23


    You ralely saved my skin with this information. Thanks!


    There is no voting ootipn available yet. All of you have the opportunity to submit your cover creations first, from which Michael then will choose his Top 10. Those are the ones you will finally vote on. On December the 5th the submission will end, and from the 6th until the 13th you'll have the chance to cast your vote. So, please stay tuned for the next steps. In the meanwhile we are asking everyone to comment on the approved covers and share your opinion.


    so i couldn't make it as a siengr since i have lost my voice when i had to record . and luckily my profession is actually a graphic designer so i'm feeling lucky to have another chance to participate somhow in this project. thank you Michael my question is: i have already uploaded 2 covers how many covers is it posible to upload?? is there any obligation with the quantity of covers?


    Suggestion #1 - optmize the ga.js that evybdroey has embedded on their sites.1. please gzip the javascript!according to google webmaster tools I could save 13.7kb per page request!2. don't put cookies on every sub domain! please! even on my images, and static1, static2 sub domains I've now got cookies. s_vi=[CS]v1|25B3A39E05011DE1-60000113404EA4B3[CE]; rsi_ct=2010_2_12:6; AxData=; s_cc=true; s_sq=%5B%5BB%5D%5D; Axxd=1GOOGLE! STOP SLOWING DOWN THE INTERNET!


    A piece of eruditoin unlike any other!


    Now that's sbtlue! Great to hear from you.

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